CleanShield Indoor Coating

Anti-bacterial & air cleansing surface protection

Eliminates 99,999% of Bacteria & Viruses, Fungi & mold..
Actively protects against Bacteria up to 2 years..
Eliminates SARS-cov-2 (COVID-19) within
1 - 5 min...s..

CleanShield Indoor Coating is an eco-friendly, transparent and water-based coating, that permenant eliminates viruses, bacteria, mold and fungal growth effective up to 99.9% within a few seconds. By using features of the Nano particular Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) this treatment takes the next big step in terms of environmental friendly improvements of the indoor climate. Protective of surfaces and ellimintes bacteria & viruses 99,99%.

Revolutionary & Eco friendly solution

The coating consists of all natural ingredients. The coating is applied on all type of surfaces; floor, walls and ceiling and with an electrostatic spray machine for best result. The coating well be activated by light.(Natural daylight, LED, UV or with the use of a light bulb) This creates a photocatalytic process, which activates the surface and eliminates harmful airborne pollutant substances. It also prevents the bacteria, viruses and molds in building up on the treated surfaces. The coating is EU approved and lives up to all European Security and health directives.

"..Extremely effective & 100% Natural, mineral & water based."


  • Eliminates 99.99% of viruses and all bacteria.
  • Eliminate all mold growth.
  • Saves 85% of water use in the daily cleaning.
  • Saves 80% of cleaning products used in the daily cleaning.
  • Saves 40% of the time used on daily cleaning.
  • Protects all coated materials from wear and tear by daily use.
  • Improves the indoor air quality
  • (Kills off smells from smoking, food production, etc.)
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Reduces the sick-leave
  • Long-lasting elimination of all bacteria and viruses.
  • Effective and long-lasting air purification.
  • Self-cleaning properties.
  • Reduces cleaning costs by an average of 30% and keeping the chalk away.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Living up to all EU health and safety requirements.
  • Tried and tested among bacteria, slaughter houses, kindergartens and schools. .
  • 100% biodegradable.
  • It is an entirely natural, organic product.   

Tests & Results

  Hotel Rooms

"..Top Clean in less time.."

161 completely renovated rooms, it requires a lot of time, to keep cleanliness in top daily. Particularly around the bathrooms rapidly arise lime problems

  Danish Castle

"..Smell & moisture gone.."

Their wish for the castle was to improve the smell and to get the moisture problems away from the Castle.

  House Mould

"..Clearly less headaches.."

A home was attacked by mold and with major consequences for the family. Long- term exposure to mold gives breathing problems and poor health. That is a known fact.